Expert Stock Recommendations To Buy Now

Managing your investments is never easy. It's like studying the alphabet of investing, even buying and selling. Good thing, our stock recommendations 2019 can be one step ahead of your learning experience. In here, you will get the expert stock recommendations from financial analysts and editors, eliminating guesswork when purchasing stocks.


Unilever is known as a big company offering a vast assortment of personal hygiene and food brands. It includes known brands such as Axe antiperspirants, Rexona deodorants, Hellman's mayonnaise, Lipton tea, and more. Why is it wise to invest in the Unilever stocks? It is because the said company has gained 20 times forward earnings in the past few months. Its revenues grow at a rate of more than 5% annually, which is also a dependable figure to invest in. If you are an income-focused investor, Unilever is one of the compelling stocks to buy this year.

Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp

Included in the Gorilla Trades review of the best stocks is Facebook. Surprisingly, Facebook sells at a low price up to this day. The earnings of Facebook still grow at approximately 20% per year, even during the hiring period. Although Facebook was faced with massive drop-offs on the "cancel Facebook" thing, it still didn't play out. In fact, the company grew at large, even on its other properties such as Instagram and Whatsapp. Our recommendation here is not to overthink! Facebook stock is always a great one to invest in.

Zendesk, Inc.

Next on the Gorilla Trades reviews of stocks and share recommendations is the Zendesk, Inc. If you are not familiar with it, Zendesk is a software development company specializing in customer service and SaaS or software-as-a-service platform. Its performance is hot now, with more than 20% to 50% returns in the previous months. If you are looking for growth-focused stocks, Zendesk is a great opportunity. It has a topline growth for investors of approximately 36% and an annual revenue run rate of $800 Million.

Avalara (AVLR)

Recently, the Supreme Court issued a decision favoring online tax collectors to push through with their endeavors. The court saw it as the most convenient and reliable way of collecting taxes from the citizens. Hence, one of our stock picks, Avalara, can take you somewhere. Every quarter, the company reports an accelerating revenue rate, which gets faster whenever there are new clients who signed up.

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