Getting To Know About NYSE: PE


With almost every individual trying their hands in trading through shares, it becomes very imperative to keep a track of the same to know more about their current market value and the working. Out of the numerous shares that have been listed on the largest stock exchange of the world, NYSE: PE at is one of them. The company Parsley Energy has been listed with the name pe. It is an independent holding company for the oil and natural gas and it mainly targets on evolution, procurement and exploiting the unused and bizarre reserves of natural gas as well as oil in the Permian Basin.

Essential features of the share

With a total of 499 institutions holding the shares of NYSE: PE, it has a total market cap of 4.309 Billion. As per the latest records of July 10, 2020, the share opened at $9.38 and previously closed at $10.03 with an increased chance of the percentage by 4.09. The bid was valued at 10.46 x 2900, whereas the asking value was 10.38x1800with the high and low of 52 weeks being recorded as $3.92 and $20.80 respectively. The volume of the share is 10,638,510. The volatility of the share in the stock market was measured around 2.13 with a 5Y monthly on an average. The earnings per share (EPS) is -10.51 with the AverageVolumeLabel as 11,138,479. The estimated target of the year is around 14.15. The date of earnings as mentioned by the company Aug 04, 2020. The forward yield and dividend are around 0.20 (1.88%).

What is the percentage of the major holders?

The percentage of individuals or organizations which majorly own the stakes of the share of NYSE: PE include:

  • 85% of the shares are held by all the insiders
  • 57% of the shares are held by the institutions
  • 69% of the float is held by the institutions
  • 499 institutions hold the shares


The analysis of NYSE: PE as per the current estimate of earnings states that the number of analysts in the current quarter of June 2020 is31 and for the next quarter in September 2020 will be 30, with an average of 29 analysts in the current year 2020. Similarly, the low and high estimates of the current year are -9.34 and 0.83 respectively with an average estimate of -0.22 this year. The profit margin is estimated at -151.11% and 26.27% as operating margin (ttm).

The Parsley Energy was maintained by Morgan Stanley by increasing the target for the price from $12 to $13 creating an overweight. Also, by raising the price target to about $22, UBS maintained NYSE: PE with a buy.

So, the share of Parsley Energy Inc. is recommended as a strong buy for July and it is also expected to hike dramatically with time. You can invest in this stock at trading software. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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