How Do I Prevent Court Action From Stirling Park 

Scotland is a country I have grown to love, and studying Stirling Park has made it more fun. Being one of the largest and most successful agencies that offer debt collection services, this Sheriff office has been able to uphold its reputable name for more than two decades. Isn't that amusing?  Of course, it is! 

Growing up as a kid, trouble was a common attribute attached to debt recovery agencies in Scotland. But the reverse was the case with this particular agency, they have managed to survive the turmoil of countless debt recoveries without any form of harassment. The most amusing part of it all is that they have one of the highest turn-over in Scotland. Here is the Blacklist of scam recovery companies

Established 20 years ago, Stirling Park is under the direct management of the Society of Messengers-at-Arms & Sheriff Officers. Over the years, their results have helped them to attract the best staffs in the industry. As I write, they have over 150 talented staffs, including eleven Messenger-At-Arms and twenty Sheriff officers. 

Also, I was able to find out that they offer their services to consumers, governmental bodies and public agencies. This makes them an all-round debtor recovery agency. 

What are the roles Stirling Park has to play in debt recovery

Stirling Park Debt Collectors goes through a series of the process before taking the big action. Let's use my own experience as a typical example. The first thing I got from this agency was a summary warrant which was directly issued by their Sheriff officers. This warrant clearly stated that I needed to pay my debt or schedule an appointment with one of their agent where would discuss how I plan to pay in installments.

After the given period when there was no response from me, diligence which is also referred to as charge for payment was obtained against me. This debt recovery step was meant to take money from my bank or wages directly. This was successfully done and the debt was settled. 

What if that didn't work out, will they stop there? Of course no! They will take another step further by getting an Exceptional Attachment Order which will give them the go-ahead to sell my properties. 

What can I do to stop Stirling Park legal actions 

Based on my experience with them, there are several ways to stops their legal actions. The first step is to contact Stirling Park to discuss how you intend paying the debt. This can be best done in writing rather than oral explanation. To get an extension, this letter can also be addressed to the court. Getting a debt arrangement scheme was another way I was able to stop the diligence action they took. 

What are the legal rights of Stirling Park 

  • Their sheriff officers have the right to enter my home only with an Exceptional Attachment Order. Without this order, they don't have the right to do so. 
  • The right to send me a summary warrant and carry our bank and earning arrestment. 
  • The right to freeze my account 14 days after the bank arrestment was served. 

What are the legal rights that protect me as a debtor?

  • I have the right to receive a notification 12 weeks before an earning arrestment can be served. 
  • The right to ask for an extension

Despite offering services in an industry well-known for its ruthlessness, Stirling Park has been able to stand out and still help keep the dignity of debtors.


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