Optimizing Costs On AWS

Even if the cost of AWS is lower (in absolute value or by ROI), there is always a way to optimize these expenses and get the most out of the structure you hire. Here are some examples of actions that an IT manager can take to achieve efficiency with economic viability for AWS cost optimization:

Plan Your Demand Well

As aws cost optimisation is very flexible and offers many customizable solutions, implementation planning must be thorough and come before the main choices, such as instances and tools that will be part of your contracted service package.

What will your processing demands be? How much storage is enough to accommodate the minimum of your operation? What is the ideal bandwidth for your internal processes and customer service? These and other questions will define precisely the minimum structure you need to function and will direct your team to build your system around it.

That way, there is no waste with idle services or the need to pursue more resources in the future. Good planning at the beginning means investing your investment well throughout the process.

Get Discounts With Reserved Instances

Another great advantage of well-planned planning is the ability to anticipate your needs and reserve instances that will serve your company for a more extended period - especially in the case of EC2 instances.

At AWS, it is possible to reserve various resources for one or even three years and receive a contract time discount. The amount paid in 1 year of booking, for example, can be equal to just seven months in the monthly subscription model.

Bet On Service Elasticity

The AWS model is so successful because of its automatic scale structure, and it is on this characteristic that you should focus your planning and implementation.

In other solutions and the creation of its structure, it is common to have instances previously configured to deal with peak demand, but that means having many idle resources most of the time.

Investing in AWS means investing in elasticity. The ideal to spend less on IT infrastructure is to have a minimum reserve to meet most of your demand and apply monitoring and scheduling tools to increase the supply of resources only when it is needed.

Use More To Pay Less.

AWS pricing rewards good customers by offering gradual discounts based on usage volume. That is, the more you use, the more you save. A strategy to optimize costs is to work with this characteristic to your advantage. When designing or adjusting your cloud strategy, redesign your processes so that AWS does as many tasks, routines, and data manipulation as possible.

In the end, the extra cost of new resources will be less than maintaining this operation internally and will also contribute to a lower total investment amount.

Use AWS Calculators

And to make this decision even easier, Amazon itself offers two comparative calculators so that you can forecast expenses and decide which is the best solution for your company to optimize costs.

While the monthly calculator points out the value of services hired separately, the TCO calculator combines your current infrastructure with the services offered by AWS - including discounts in the case of reservations. Exploring what they have to offer is a way to understand these costs better and decide the best strategy for your IT department.

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