Top 3 Crypto Games in Google Play Store in 2019

Due to the insane popularity of Android apps, people have become hooked on their smartphones. A major cause of this screen addiction is online gaming. According to a research report by App Annie, mobile games account for 33% of all the app downloads and 10% of the time spent by users on their apps. Check Cryptographic Security Solution here.

If you’re a cryptocurrency user (and a smartphone addict), there’s good news for you. You can make your phone addiction productive! There are several Crypto games on Google Play Store that can be used to mint some coins. The exciting part is that many of these apps are absolutely free to download, you can start earning with virtually no investment of your own!

As of 2019, here are the Top 3 Cryptocurrency Games for Android users on Play Store:

  • CryptoWord

This app is the perfect fit for all the word-wizards out there! If you think that you have a fabulous vocabulary, you can practice your skills here by searching for words in the game. You’ll be awarded Satoshis (Nano Bitcoins) for every word that you’ve found.

Although the game is free for download, a Coinbase wallet is needed for receiving the cryptos. After linking a wallet, you can claim your Satoshis once every 3 days.

  • Stormplay

This is an app that pays you upon the completion of microtasks. These tasks can range from watching videos to taking online surveys.

Stormplay pays you in BTC, ETH, and STORM currencies. After completing each task, you’ll earn “Bolts”, which can be exchanged for any of the mentioned cryptos. The app is constantly updated with new, engaging tasks and attractive offers.

  • RollerCoin

This game is based on the concept of Bitcoin mining. Instead of computing technical codes, you get to earn Bitcoins by playing games, completing missions, etc.

Similar to blockchain mining, the players are provided a BTC block every 10 minutes. They can pocket a chunk of this block, which is dependent on their mining power.

The fun part is that the players can increase their mining power by doing enjoyable activities like participating in contests and playing mini-games. The app goes by the motto – All Play and No Work! is an online platform that keeps you crypto-ready! We let you trade 800+ cryptocurrencies across leading exchanges like Bitfinex, Kraken, and also get the latest market news & research. Be it games, trading apps or digital wallets, we ensure that not a single market update skips your attention!

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