What Should You Look For Before Buying Health Insurance in India?

In today’s world, it is essential to stay healthy and fit. It is truly said that ‘Health is Wealth’. However, it is also true that you can’t predict things and can unknowingly invite sickness, especially considering the increasing number of diseases today. To ensure that your life runs smooth, it is essential to invest in a good healthcare plan.

However, when you buy a health insurance policy, there are certain aspects to consider so that you can reap the full benefits of your medical plan. These are:

  1. Prioritize your needs

The first thing you do before purchasing a health plan online is to list down your requirements. You should take into consideration various factors while doing so, such as number of your family members, income, lifestyle, pre-existing conditions, etc.

  1. Choose appropriate coverage

Next, the type of policy you choose is also important. According to your needs, you can choose from an individual cover and a family health insurance. An individual plan covers one person, as the name suggests, whereas under family floater all your family members are covered under a single policy.

  1. Network hospitals for cashless claims

A very important thing to check in your policy document while purchasing health insurance would be network hospitals. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about paying cash for treatments. Especially during an emergency, it becomes very convenient as the insurer settles the medical bills directly with the network hospital. See to it that your insurance provider offers a large network of hospitals. This will be helpful when you’re travelling and an unfortunate event takes place that requires you to get hospitalized urgently.

  1. Premium and sum insured

An insurance policy provides coverage until the term ends, after which you have to renew it. To know the insurance amount, there is an option available by which you can calculate premium online using a premium calculator. The premiums change according to the sum insured.

  1. Sub-limits

Health insurance companies have a certain limit on the claim amount for a disease or treatment procedure. It is essential for you to know of these sub-limits.

  1. Understand the waiting period

Many insurance companies ask for a ‘waiting period’ to provide coverage for pre-existing diseases. This means that you will receive the coverage only after the waiting period is over.

  1. Lifetime renewal

Don’t wait to grow old to buy a health insurance policy; purchase one when you’re young. Experts advise this because you will end up having to pay higher premiums if you buy it later in life. If you buy a policy at an early age, your claims process is also generally hassle-free. To take full advantage of your policy and enjoy all the benefits that it offers, ensure that you renew it before the term period is over without fail or your policy will lapse.

  1. Health insurance claim process

The claims process in India has become so much easier now. You don’t have to go through lengthy procedures in order to file a health insurance claim. When looking for a plan, make sure to check if the claims process is not complicated.

Consider all the above-mentioned points before you make the final purchase. You can either buy an individual health plan, family plan or health insurance for senior citizen that covers all your family members, as per your preference.

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