When can I make claims for car insurance in India

Car is a hefty financial investment for many people and so people do want to ensure that they select the best car. And insurance acts as a financial shield against any unforeseen accidental damage. But when it comes to buying a car insurance people tend to show less interest in it. This is because buying car insurance, or general insurance policies of any kind, have a very tedious procedure of comparing all the available policies in the market and choosing the best fit. Getting the right car insurance policy is very much important for making successful claims.

You cannot guarantee safety while riding on the busy roads of India even after taking all possible precautions. We can get into any road accidents even when you are not at fault. There are even possible times when we are not the drivers of our car and still get into road mishaps. And at such times a car insurance comes out to be handy. Read on to know when you can file a claim.

Common scenarios during which you can file a claim:

Third Party Damage - When the damage or injury has been caused to you/ your car by a third-party vehicle then the third-party claim can be made. In this you can claim medical expenses and compensations for personal injury, property damage and loss of earning, if you are unable to earn a living after the accident. Compensation can also be claimed for death if there is any.

Personal injury - Accidents are very usual nowadays and when you drive your own car and an accident happens which damages your vehicle you are then eligible for a motor insurance claim. It is very much important to file a claim with the insurance company immediately after the accident. You only need your copy of the insurance policy, the FIR report, duly  filled and signed claim form, copy of your driving license, detailed estimates of the repairs, medical receipts in case of physical injuries and original records of other expenses incurred.

Theft - There can be insurance claim done even when a theft of your car occurs. This sort of claim demands that the claimant possesses a comprehensive insurance policy, which makes the policyholder liable for financial benefits in case of a stolen vehicle. Hence, you can claim compensation for theft of your vehicle only if you are a comprehensive insurance policyholder.

It is very much important to note that a scratch, a broken headlight, mirror damage, minor paintjob, etc. being small issues should be sorted out quickly with little monetary involvement and should be dealt with personally without involving the insurer. It is very much important to save up on the no claim bonus and that is when you don’t raise a claim through a specific duration of time.

A comprehensive car insurance policy can help you cover your vehicle against losses and damages arising out of natural disasters. This makes it easier to own a car even in a disaster-prone area. Do not compromise, always equip with yourself with a policy that caters to your needs.

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