Why Buying Travel Insurance Is a Must?

You just planned a trip to set yourself free from office stress, everyday tensions, etc. In this excitement, you booked the tickets, arranged for the accommodation, and got prepared for the vacation. But did you think about any untoward incidents that could happen on your trip? What if someone steals your luggage or your passport during your trip? Or if you fall sick? What would you possibly do in situations like these? The ideal way to combat circumstances like these is to purchase a travel insurance policy and enjoy your trip without worrying about a thing.

Coverage provided under a travel insurance policy

Here’s what a basic travel insurance plan must include:

  1. Medical expenses

You’ve already spent a lot on your trip and wouldn’t want any unnecessary expenses. But what if you get injured or fall ill? Hospitalization charges, in such instances, could get a little too much for some. A travel insurance policy can be your best friends in situations like these. You won’t even have to spend for the treatment from your pocket. Plans such as family travel coverage or travel insurance for senior citizens can prove to be very helpful during such times.

  1. Cancellation charges

Situations might come up that will force you to cancel your trip, such as the death of a close friend or relative, injuries, sickness, etc. It would be sad to pay for a trip that you weren’t able to make, wouldn’t it? However, under an adequate travel insurance plan, the insurer reimburses you for trip cancellations.

  1. Loss/theft of baggage

Losing your bag on a trip would be nothing less than a nightmare. Bags generally contain your essentials and/or expensive items. If you have enough money to spend on your trip, you can have your insurer reimburse you for it later. If not, insurance companies provide nearly instant compensation in such cases to help you purchase the required items.

  1. Missing connecting flights

Connecting flights are great if you wish to travel to a far-off location. But if you miss your flight due to reasons that were out of your control, the travel insurance company will book another flight for you and you won’t have to pay for it.

  1. Emergency cash

If you are in an emergency that requires you to pay money but you are out of cash, your travel insurance plan will act as a monetary aid and provide you with the same.

  1. Losing important documents

Documents are very important and you need to take care of them more than anything else. If you lose important documents such as your visa, passport, Aadhaar card, driving license, etc., during your trip, you could get into trouble. However, your travel insurance company can provide you with a copy of your documents issued from the authorities.

Exclusions of a travel insurance policy

Situations excluded from the travel insurance policy are death, terrorism or war, injuries caused due to adventure sports, pregnancy and childbirth, pre-existing illnesses, etc.

People assume that a travel plan is only required when they’re flying abroad. However, unfortunate events are unpredictable and so you must opt for a domestic travel insurance even if you are travelling within India. When you’re purchasing a policy, make sure that you note down your requirements and understand the type of policy you would be needing.

If you’re a student who wishes to study abroad, purchasing a student travel insurance would be more beneficial than a basic travel insurance plan.

Additionally, always purchase the policy online so that you get to choose from various options and can decide on the extent of coverage you want. If you wish to read more about different travel insurance policies, simply visit the insurer’s website.

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