Why Is Cryptocurrency Important As A Medium Of Financial Transaction?

Digitalization has radically changed almost every sector of the economy and has emerged as one of the biggest boons. Especially, the finance sector has witnessed a phenomenal change by going paperless and adding an option of Cryptocurrencies to its list of Digital payment mediums.

Here are some reasons why Cryptocurrencies are the best and safe alternative for financial transactions in recent times:

  • Confidentiality: Nobody wants to compromise with privacy and confidentiality. While dealing in cryptocurrencies, you can expect your transactions to be highly confidential ensuring that you remain anonymous and your account is protected from any online theft. In it, every transaction made between two parties is considered as a unique exchange where the terms can be agreed and negotiated accordingly.
  • Asset Transfers: Cryptocurrency, for certain purposes, can be used to enforce and execute two-party contracts on commodities like real estate and automobiles. It not only simplifies the specialist transfer method but also verifies each and every transaction with the help of cryptography. Cryptocurrency holders are able to add third-parties approval, external references and have exclusive governance of the account which minimizes the time and expense involved in making asset transfers.
  • Transactions: One of the biggest advantages is ‘phasing out the role of middlemen’ by facilitating one-to-one or peer-to-peer transactions without involving an agent or broker. Involvement of any middlemen includes an abundance of paperwork and lots of expenses which can make a hole in your pocket. In the case of cryptocurrency, transactions being a one-to-one affair ensure clarity in establishing audit trails, greater accountability, security, and lesser confusion.
  • Security: Who doesn’t need a strongly secured, trustful, and transparent digital currency ensuring protection against fraud? In the case of cryptocurrency transfers, transactions cannot be reversed like the “charge-back” transactions of different credit card companies and if there is any return or refund policy to be framed; the terms of the agreement are between the concerned parties.
  • Easier International Trading System: Though Cryptocurrency is regarded as legal tender in many nations, they are not dependent on the fluctuations of interest rates, exchange rates, transaction charges or any other imposition by a specific nation. Without much complexity, the transactions on an international level can be done by using the peer-to-peer method of blockchain technology in just a few minutes.

In all, Cryptocurrency not only guarantees complete autonomy but also helps in avoiding identity theft. In this regard, Quebex allows you to buy and sell different Cryptocurrencies independently.


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